Pig Trap Rental Estimates

Trust our traps heavy galvanized steel welded construction, simple state of the art trap triggers and Drop-Lock – secure trap no exit lock system.

Pig Traps hold up to 6 large Feral Pigs each, depending size and weight, to be determined by a Hog Wild Trapping Expert.

Traps feature:

  • Heavy drop-door design
  • 4’high x 4’wide x 8’long
  • Simple Automatic Traps
  • Automatic trap control are animal activated.

Trap Rental available: Trap Rental deposit required

Contact us at: (808) 430-0970 to learn more about Professional Hog Trap Rental availability.

Contact us at: (808) 430-0970 for more information about professional wild hog trapping on your property.


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